The Suffolk Coffee Company

The Finest Ground Coffee Freshly Roasted.

Over long days and even longer nights Christopher searches for new and exciting taste characteristics, blending coffee beans from each seasonal harvest; the skill of the master roaster being to create subtle combinations of flavours and textures. Through the several stages of the roasting process the green coffee beans undergo numerous changes that create depth, colour and flavour. With a delicate and controlled application of time and temperature using a traditional gas fired drum roaster, science is blended with art and just a touch of magic! This alchemy results in the freshest coffee ready for you to extract and enjoy as your favourite drink.

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    The Suffolk Coffee Company carefully selects and purchases "green" coffee beans from across the world. These beans make their long sea voyage from places such as Brazil, India, Guatemala and Indonesia.

    Arriving on the shores of Suffolk they are taken to the Roastery in Peasenhall for the process to begin.

    The final roasted product is cupped and prepared on the premises where it earns it's "born on" date, informing you just how fresh it is.

    What can we offer?

    Whether you're a coffee lover looking to place a small personal order, a coffee shop, restaurant or hotel, you can contact The Suffolk Coffee Company directly.
    We also offer a coffee roasting experience, after which various coffees are served to guests using an espresso machine creating a truly unique experience.

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